Now, a social network for travelers?

This article has been written by Sanskrity Sinha for IBTIMES.COM

A new travel community, TouristInfo 2.0, launched in December 2010, is off hoping active participation from tourism professionals, tourists, tour operators, hotels and more, the site said in a statement.

TouristInfo 2.0 that brings travelers and tourism service providers together has photos, videos and authentic, reliable regional information from the travel “fraternity”.

The founder of the site said, social media helped travelers network with tourism providers and so, a social network site dedicated to tourism is ideal.

"A major part of tourism is about creating connections between people and the fast, easy exchange of information and ideas," Eckard Ritter, the network's founder, said in a statement.

However, industry experts fear that since the web is already cluttered with numerous tourism sites, yet another site loses its chances of visibility and reach to the travelers.

According to Ritter, TouristInfo 2.0 has the potential to hog its share on the web, as it is modeled on a social network, members have numerous options for publishing and presenting structured content supported by search engine optimization features.

“TouristInfo 2.0 is proud to offer our members the best of social media and web 2.0 so they can create, share and publish personal content,” he said, adding that the site is hassle free, user friendly and ideal even for the non-technically inclined users.

This article has been written by Sanskrity Sinha for IBTIMES.COM


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