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This article has been written by Sanskrity Sinha for METROMELA.COM

Anita Jacob, BangalorePast Life Regression Therapy is all about looking back to heal your present, says Anita Jacob, a qualified Past Life Regression Therapist in Bangalore. According to her, this therapy is not new.  It appears in the Upanishads and in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The practice, as we know it today, has evolved through research and experimentation.  It has gained much credibility over the last few decades and has drawn advocates and practitioners from a wide variety of fields. MetroMela spoke with her to know more about this ancient practice of alternative healing that has gained popularity in recent times. Here is what Anita shared with us.

Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT)

Past Life Regression Therapy is based on the belief that our souls are eternal and carry forward our experiences and karma from one lifetime to another. The fundamental premise is that we choose each life and its challenges as an opportunity to learn whatever we need to. Viewing or getting in touch with one or more past life memories makes it easier to comprehend why certain aspects of our present lives are the way they are, and enables us to come to terms with and comfortably deal with discomforting situations and experiences.

For whom

Almost anyone can go through a Past Life Regression Therapy. However, it is advisable for those with a history of depression, mental illness, anyone using psychotropic drugs or under the influence of alcohol to avoid going in for PLRT.


It all depends upon individual cases. Each person comes with his/her unique issues and readiness to deal with them. Some people need a little more than PLRT to deal with their issues. In which case, it could take a few more sessions. One session normally takes about an hour or a little more.


PLRT can be used to address physical, emotional and relationship issues. Chronic allergies, migraines, fears and phobias, abuse, addictions, insomnia, obesity and many other problem areas that may not have a solution elsewhere could benefit from Past Life Regression Therapy. The therapy involves addressing one’s present problems by recalling and looking at related memories of previous lives. These memories are stored in the subconscious and are not easily recalled at the conscious level. A PLRT practitioner usually employs hypnosis to recover memories of incarnations in the past and should have ready skill sets to deal with anything that may surface. 

PLRT works even for those who don't believe in reincarnations.  The memories brought forth are a powerful abstraction of the problem faced in the present and are a very potent aid in the healing process. PLRT helps you resolve problems and issues that are not responding to other modalities and is a great way to gain insight and discover new aspects of yourself, Anita signs off.

This article has been written by Sanskrity Sinha for METROMELA.COM


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